Android 4.4.3 KitKat New Leak – HTC One M8 and M7 Update confirmed

A few weeks ago rumors began emerging about the new Android 4.4.3 KitKat update from Google. Since then, we got confirmation on the impending update from Sprint a couple of weeks ago. Google is still silent about the new update but thanks to new leaks we find out more and more details about it.

Famous leakster LlabTooFeR released a new unofficial update schedule. This new leak provides information about HTC’s future update plans for many of its devices and also gives some estimates about their release window. He confirms that HTC One M7 and HTC One M8 will get updated to Android 4.4.3 very soon as the testing faze is nearly over.

According to the schedule, the HTC One M7 will receive two updates, one for Android 4.4.2 + Sense 6.0 and another for Android 4.4.3. The leakster also sheds some light on other, more outdated devices. According to him, the HTC X, One X+, One XL, One S, One SV, One V and Butterfly won’t get updated to the newest Android. He has no news about the Sense 6.0 update for the HTC Desire 601 and 700. LlabTooFeR could also not say if the HTC One max and HTC One mini will get an update or not.

Sprint has confirmed the 4.4.3 KitKat update for its Nexus 5 devices but the roll-out was side tracked due to software issues. It did not provide a new release date but internal sources say it’s coming soon.

The Android 4.4.3 KitKat update still has no official Google change log. A leaked log suggest that the new update will fix random reboots, unstable connections, VPN issues and many other problems.  Until recently it was believed that the new update will not provide any new features but a newly leaked screenshot may prove otherwise. The supposed leaked screenshot that appeared on XDA-Developers shows a Nexus 5 device running the new Android 4.4.3 with a redesigned dialer. Who knows what other changes might be in store for us.

The next big update rumored to come out this year will be the Android 4.5 or 5.0. If speculations will prove to be right, the new OS will be accompanied by the Nexus 8 and it should come out after Google’s I/O conference in July. According to some leaked information, the new Android 4.5 will focus on a flatter, cleaner design and might be a contender to the new iOS 8.