Reports indicate Microsoft has two new smartphones ready to launch

Microsoft has two new smartphones ready to launch according to The Verge. The site reports that sources have revealed the technology giant has the new devices under development and is preparing to launch them. Microsoft devices chief executive Stephen Elop has already showed off the two smartphones, which will both run Windows Phone 8.1, during internal company meetings. The fact that both devices have already been shown to employees at Microsoft suggests that the company will be looking to release them relatively soon.

The first of the two new smartphones is set to be a specialized selfie-phone. The device has already had several details leaked, including its codename of ‘Superman’. It is set to feature a 4.7-inch screen along with a 5-megapixel front camera. This follows the recent trend of smartphones having front-facing cameras allowing users to take ‘selfies’ much more easily. However, most phones have lower megapixel front cameras, often clocking in at around 1-megapixel. The camera on the ‘Superman’ device is likely to be comparable to the one used in the HTC One M8.

The other smartphone is believed to be a mid-range phone to cater for smaller budgets. Reports indicate that it will be a likely replacement for the Nokia Lumia 720. The Verge also believes that the phone will look much like the Lumia 930, although it will be more portable in size and weight. It is also set to feature PureView technology that has been reserved for more top-end devices in the past by Microsoft.

These two devices are joined by a number of other smartphones that Microsoft is reportedly working on at the moment. Their flagship product that has been much rumored, with leaked codenames of both ‘McLaren’ and ‘Goldfinger’. Leaked information suggests that the high performance smartphone will be the successor to the Lumia 1020, and is likely to release in November.