Symantec publicly states that antivirus “is dead”

Symantec, one of the first companies to produce antivirus software now states that such tactics are no longer effective against cyber-attacks. Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president claims that antivirus only prevents 45% of attacks from hackers, and is no longer an efficient tool against malware.

Dye says that “We don’t think of antivirus as a moneymaker in any way”, he also adds that antivirus “is dead”. The software was initially created to prevent hackers from accessing a computer, but it seems that this method is no longer viable. Symantec are now looking for alternative solutions in order to protect their clients from security threats.

The company is creating a response team with the aim of helping businessmen that are victims of hacking. Withing six months Symantec will be able to offer intelligence briefings to companies that want to know how, and why they are being hacked. Technology that looks for advanced malware within a network is also currently in development.

Symantec seems to be following in the steps of other companies who are also looking for new and efficient cyber security options. For instance, Juniper Networks encourages customers to place fake data inside their firewalls as a means of distracting hackers. On the other hand, FireEye Inc.offers technology that scans for malicious computer code that made it past antivirus software.

At the moment antivirus software like Norton still accounts for 40% of Symantec’s earnings, but revenues are expected to drop if they don’t come up with a new game plan soon. The new direction they’re trying to approach seems promising enough, and may end up being a turning point for the company.

Brian Dye says that watching other companies get ahead was frustrating, but he also added that Symantec is planning to catch up with the others soon. “It’s one thing to sit there and get frustrated, it’s another thing to act on it, go get your act together and go play the game you should have been playing in the first place.”