Crysis 3 running at 8k resolution looks simply amazing

Crysis 3 is a very resource intensive game, especially if all the graphics options are set to high. A lot of GPU’s already struggle to run it at 1920 x 1080, but somebody went beyond that and found a way to set it at 8K resolution. A gamer that goes by the name of K-putt achieved the impressive feat using a cracked executable.

The resulting screenshots are nothing less than superb, and are probably among the most beautiful real-time computer-generated images currently available. At first glance the screenshots may look like concept art but don’t be deceived, they really come from CryEngine 3. Needles to say, you would need a pretty powerful rig in order to run Crysis 3 at 8K resolution.

Titles from the Crysis series have been used as a benchmark for hardware performance ever since their inception, back in 2007. Although Crysis 3 is arguably more optimized than its predecessors, it still requires a pretty powerful computer if you want to play it at higher settings.

K-putt used a program called OnTheFly in order to produce a cracked version of Crysis 3’s main executable. The new .exe file allowed him to crank up the settings past their normal value. He also used a program called SweetFX, which provided him with a way to change the colors and contrast. Technically speaking, he didn’t quite manage the real 8K resolution( 7680 x 4320), instead he opted for a ultra-wide 8000 x 3333.

The computer used for this “experiment” features a quad-core Haswell Xeon 1230v3 and an overclocked Radeon 7950 graphics card. Even so, K-putt only managed 2 fps while the game was set to 8K, this gives us an idea of what kind of system would be needed in order to run Crysis 3 at a decent frame rate in that resolution.

K-putt said that he played the game at normal resolution until he found the perfect locations, he then changed to 8K in order to capture the images. The screenshots gallery can be found on his Flickr profile, make sure you download a few just in case you’ll be needing a new wallpaper at some point. (source)