GTA Online High Life update coming on May 13th

Rockstar Games announced today that the GTA Online ‘ High Life ‘ update will be rolling towards Los Santos starting next Tuesday, May 13th. The update adds a lot of new content to the game, including four new badass vehicles, new high-end apartments, new outfits, and more.

The High Life update will be done automatically, once its finished you’ll be pleased to find five new available options in the Los Santos real estate market. The new locations will feature the latest interior designs and will be situated at prime locations like Eclipse Towers and the Richards Majestic. The new update will also implement multi-property ownership, which means that you will soon be able to own two proprieties simultaneously.

Purchasing another propriety sounds like a good plan as you’ll probably need that extra garage for the cool vehicles that come with the update. High Life adds three brand new cars and a motorcycle to GTA Online: Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super) and Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle). All these new vehicles will be available for purchase from the Legendary Motorsport, you will be able to access them from any garage property in Story Mode.

Furthermore, the High Life update adds a new Race option called ‘ Non Contact’. If selected, the option will allow you to play races without worrying that you might get hit by other cars as collision will be disabled. You can still collide with structures and other scenery if you want, but other players will appear semi-transparent and hitting them won’t be possible.

Last but not least, High Life also adds a powerful new assault rifle dubbed ‘ Bullpup’, as well as a variety of new wardrobe options. 15 new jobs, including 5 new Contact Missions will also be available when the update kicks in. For the original article and more information on GTA Online check out Rockstar’s official website