Minecraft for current-gen still limited

Minecraft has been around for a few years on the PC, and has recently jumped to mobiles and consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Although the gameplay is almost identical on all platforms, the only version of the game which features infinite worlds is still the PC. Fans of the game on consoles hoped that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 builds will offer this feature, but 4J Studios, the company handling the port, revealed that it is not the case.

The company’s officials took to Twitter to answer a few fan questions, one of them concerning world size. The world size will be bigger than on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the new consoles, but not infinite. 4J stated that they are working with Microsoft and Sony in order to bring bigger worlds, but the constraints are not hardware related. The limitations arrives when handling the actual game saves, which aren’t allowed to “weigh” over a certain size.

The good news is that the wait for the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is almost over, the game being scheduled for Q2 / Q3 of 2014. The Xbox One port is expected to launch around the same time, so everyone will be able to enjoy the game this year.

Fans who didn’t get their game digitally on PlayStation 3 will soon have the option to buy the retail version starting May 14th, when the game will hit the brick and mortar stores in Europe. The game was a success on every platform it released so far, reaching 12 million copies sold on Xbox 360 and 14 million copies on the PC. The game is so successful that Notch, the head of Mojang and the creator of Minecraft, revealed that the game made them enough money to keep the studio going for ten years without making an extra cent in that timeframe: “So basically, we’ve got money saved to have ten more years to come up with a new project, without making a single cent in that time”.

Of course, it’s not the case. With Minecraft launching on three more platforms this year, and with projects like Scrolls running in parallel, Mojang is looking at another profitable year.