Killing Floor 2 coming to PC and SteamOS

Tripwire Interactive released a trailer for Killing Floor 2, while also announcing that the game is being developed for SteamOS and the PC. The company claims its new title will be even more visceral and bloody than 2009’s Killing Floor. Art director David Hensley even states that “When we started designing the game we decided gore was going to be the most important feature”.

The company revealed lots of details about the upcoming game in a recent interview with PC Gamer. The magazine uncovered that Killing Floor 2 will feature an advanced gore system that goes by the name of Massive Evisceration and Trauma. MEAT was developed to surpass Soldier of Fortune’s GHOUL system and is reportedly more detailed and graphic, but not as disturbing given that you’ll be blowing apart zeds instead of humans.

Zeds are genetically altered specimens that behave similar to zombies for the most part, they can also be found in the original Killing Floor. In Killing Floor 2 each zed has 19 points of dismemberment and features a total of 95 death animations. “You can blow chunks off their head to reveal skull, keep shooting the skull and it explodes, revealing brain cross sections. You can cut them in half vertically, horizontally.” Hensley mentioned.

Another important feature of the game will be its perk system which offers more abilities than its predecessor and will be capped at 25. Once every five levels two new skills are unlocked, however the player will only be able to equip one of them. Tripwire Interactive’s president John Gibson mentions that the perk system was designed with endgame and replay value in mind. “A big goal for us this time around is to make sure the endgame, playing the game for a long time, is much more entertaining and has a lot more replay value”.

Aside from single player, Killing Floor 2 will also feature 6 player co-op mode and four difficulty settings. Increasing the difficulty makes the zeds much more harder to kill as it offers them new abilities with each level. Fortunately, you’ll have a huge arsenal at your disposal. Tripwire says that at least 40 weapons will be available, including some rather unconventional ones.

The company didn’t mention a release date for Killing Floor 2, they did confirm however that it will be available both for PC and the SteamOS. Tripwire also says the game is being developed with community needs in mind, and will support Steam Workshop which means lots of mods are expected.