Worms Battlegrounds releasing at the end of May

Team17 announced that the next installment in the popular Worms franchise will launch at the end of the month. Worms Battlegrounds is set to release on both PS4 and Xbox One, and it will be one of the few indie titles that will be available on Microsoft’s console. The game will go on sale on both digital stores, and it will be available in brick & mortar stores too.

The launch date is set for March 30th on Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 digital store in Europe, and on June 3rd in the US. It is curious that Team17 announced that the retail version will be available only at “certain retailers”, although the company did not mention any specifics in this regard. It seems that each version of the game will come with functionality catered to the capabilities of the two consoles.

The PlayStation 4 version of Worms Battlegrounds will make the lightbar on the back of the controller shine in whatever color the player’s team is. There will also be support for selecting weapons with the touch pad and the game will feature a stat-tracking website. On the Xbox One, players will have integrated SmartGlass support, which offers you the possibility to check your stats when on the go.

On the content side, Team17 promises 25 single player story missions, 10 Worm-Ops missions, the ability to create levels using 5 preset environments, online and local multiplayer, and a resolution of 1080p at 60 FPS. Most of the iconic Worms weapons will be included in the 65 strong arsenal, the worms will feature customization options with 200 items to choose from, the game will feature clan support and an emblem editor and there will be the option to play either Deathmatch or Forts in custom game.

Fans of the Worms series will probably be happy about this new release, because it doesn’t look to stray too much from what made the series a great success. The wait for Worms on PS4 and Xbox One is almost over.