Battlefield Hardline announced, coming this Fall

EA and Visceral Games have announced Battlefield Hardline today. The game kicks off a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise and will feature a “cops and robbers” theme. Steve Papoutsis, Vice President and General Manager at Visceral Games stated that Battlefield Hardline will be launching this Fall, an exact date was not given though.

The official announcement came after a few bits of important info regarding the game were leaked to an unofficial Battlefield Twitter account. We’re not sure who exactly the leaker is, but he somehow managed to find a plethora of images from the upcoming Battlefield Hardline. This includes pictures of vehicles, weapons, equipment, awards, as well as a variety of other unlockables. An image of two badges for the”SWAT” and “Thieves” groups can also be found among the tweets.

Additionally, a few more leaks have also surfaced on Battlelog today, which give us a lot more details on the upcoming game. We even have a rather long list of all the information currently available courtesy of GoodGameBro. The list below seems to reveal pretty much everything we need to know about Battlefield Hardline.

  • Game modes: TDM, Turf War (Small and Large), Heist and Blood Money
  • Teams: SWAT, CR, LW, & Thieves
  • Heist & Blood Money modes will be playable at E3 on the High Tension map
  • Commander mode appears to be included in the game
  • Vehicles will be included
  • Possible classes (or loadouts): Enforcer, Mastermind, Techincian and Professional
  • Appears to be an in-game store where you can buy weapons and gadgets, similar to Counter-Strike: GO
  • There’s a police baton available for melee combat
  • Gadgets & accessories to include deployable camera, gas grenade, laser trip mine, breaching charge, grappling hook (possible zipline), gas mask, crossbow, riot shield, blowtorch & decoy

It’s safe to say that we already know what to expect from the next Battlefield title, all we need now is some in-game footage. We should expect some at E3 2014 as the game will make an appearance at the event. “We’re getting ready for E3 and fans found some details on our website about what we’re working on for the show,” Papoutsis said. 

You can visit the website in question by clicking here, but don’t expect to find too much there. The page just says that the official Battlefield Hardline unveiling will happen on June 9th at 12:00 PM PDT. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest news and updates.