Download Battlefield 3 and Plants vs Zombies free from Origin

The best stuff in life is free stuff, right? We’ve seen Steam give away free games occasionally in the past, and EA is doing the same now via its own online platform, Origin. In March, EA offered up Dead Space free of charge, and that was one game you didn’t want to miss. Guess what? If you hurry up, you can pick up Battlefield 3 today from Origin, completely free. It might not be Battlefield 4, but given how buggy that still is today, it might be a good thing. Battlefield 3 is far from being old and outdated, and still provides some great entertainment value, not to mention some gorgeous visuals.

If you already have Battlefield 3 though, worry not. You can also download Plants vs Zombies free of charge today, and while that’s not a high-profile game on the PC (it’s more of a mobile phenomenon), it’s still worthy of a few hours of your time, and can provide you with some much needed laughs. These giveaways show and increasing trend in marketing by offering free games, and it seems to be working fine. Many players enjoying Battlefield 3 will be prone to purchasing Battlefield 4, and EA can only profit from the deal.

There is no indication as to how long Battlefield 3 will be offered up for a free download, so you’d best hurry up. These offers come and go without prior notice, so don’t hesitate in logging into Origin and grabbing it. If you don’t have an Origin account (many people don’t, as they prefer Steam overall), that’s fine. You can register for one on the official Origin website – it doesn’t cost anything, and you’re set in a few minutes. Frankly, for Battlefield 3 alone, this is worth the hassle. Make sure to let your friends know, as Battlefield 3 is the kind of game you want to play with your buddies. While you’re at it, pick up Plants versus Zombies too, even if it’s not your cup of tea. Who knows when you’ll be bored and in need of a change? Besides, it’s free!

What other EA games are you hoping to see get the free treatment in the nearby future? Sound off in the comment section below!