Far Cry 4 features lots of women including 2 of the antagonists

We already knew that Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 will not include any playable female characters, but apparently women will play an important role in the upcoming title nevertheless. Creative director Alex Hutchinson revealed for Outside Xbox that we’ll be seeing a lot of ladies throughout the game. The company “tried very hard to make sure of the four main antagonists, half of them are women, which is cool. On your side, one of the main leaders of the rebel faction is a woman, half the rebels that fight with you are women. It’s packed to the gills with women. They’re everywhere, just like life.”

Hutchinson also spoke a bit about Far Cry 4’s eccentric antagonist Pagan Min. The creative director assures us that the villain is most definitely “not your father”, as some previously believed. “He’s someone who has a history with you,” he said. “We didn’t want a villain who’s just shaking his fist at you and threatening to kill you and murder your family, and the inevitability of you shotgunning him in the face. And neither did we want someone who didn’t know you at all. We wanted you to actually sort of have a secret history in this country.”

Far Cry 4 narrative director Mark Thompson revealed in an interview that we might see some more “weird experiments” like Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon at some point. He said that Ubisoft is always open to these kinds of projects and has not excluded that possibility that they might create one for Far Cry 4 as well. “So yeah, there are teams who get the time, space, and liberty to experiment with smaller ideas like that,” Thompson said. “It’s really cool to see that the studio allows people to try different ideas. Sometimes they don’t get off the ground, sometimes they go all the way to shipping like Dean [Evans] and Blood Dragon.” However, he did mention that a possible expansion will not be a direct sequel to Blood Dragon as the team went with a very different approach for Far Cry 4.

Last month Ubisoft was surrounded by controversy when an Assassin’s Creed Unity dev said the game doesn’t feature female protagonists because that would require too much development work. Insomniac Games later took a jab at them by posting a video in which they assure us that Sunset Overdrive does feature playable female characters. Furthermore, they also depicted one dressed as Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed series. Insomniac also says that in their game you can “be who you wanna be.”