Samsung Galaxy K Zoom launches in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom will be available in the UK starting tomorrow. The half-phone, half-camera  hybrid will be officially launched at Samsung Experience Stores’ network and at Carphone Warehouse outlets all across the country. The device is the successor of the Galaxy S4 Zoom launched last year and comes with a fully-functional point-and-shoot camera. It also features a complete optical zoom on its back and a 20.7 MP sensor with 10X optical zoom. Its 4.8-inch display, unfortunately, has a low resolution,  so you’ll have cope with a 720p screen. The Galaxy K Zoom is powered by a six-core Samsung Exynos processor and runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

The Galaxy K Zoom is the result of combining Samsung’s experience in making outstanding smartphones with the advanced digital camera technology. Besides having a premium design, as expected from one of the Galaxy smartphones, the device is also capable of taking professional photos. The camera has a great capturing ability with real optics and the fact that you can also use the device as a phone only makes things better. The 10X optical zoom is provided by the new retracting lens technology, amazingly built into the device’s slim body. The camera also features a BSI CMOS sensor that provides clear and very detailed images and due to the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), the camera works great in low light conditions. The OIS also reduces the blur caused by movement, meaning you can take photos and videos in Full HD even when zoomed-in.

The quality of the photos you take with the Galaxy K Zoom is visibly improved thanks to the Xenon Flash which provides a better light that the LED Flash. The next-gen Pro Suggest mode provides 10 optimized filter settings, and to make thing even more enjoyable, it also has a Selfie Alarm, which gives you the ability to take timed selfies. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom seems to be a great device that gives users all the convenience and connectivity of a Galaxy smartphone, plus the professional photo taking experience due to its remarkable camera.

Simon Stanford, VP of IT & Mobile Division at Samsung UK & Ireland stated that they are very excited to introduce the device in the UK. He said that the half-phone, half-camera hybrid is perfect for taking incredible photos and the fact that you can also share them quickly with your friends is just another one on the great and unique, all-in-one mobile experiences. Mr. Stanford also said that “the Galaxy K Zoom will help our customers stay stylish and connected at all times, wherever they are”. Of course, he referred to the UK customers, because unfortunately, it’s not certain when the Galaxy K Zoom will be available outside the UK. As there’s no word on when the smartphone will have a wider availability, we’ll have to wait until Samsung decides it’s time to move on global markets.