iPad Air 2 and other Apple devices to be produced this month

Rumors suggest that June will be a very productive month for Apple, since the company is planning on releasing many new devices in the coming months, and even announcing new ones. Apple seems to be ready to being producing the iPad Air 2, the iPhone 6, the iPad Mini 3 and the iWatch. These are just a few powerful devices that Apple is planning on crashing the market with before the end of the year, so be prepared for a lot of rumors and speculations. Apple is focusing on a specific part more than ever: performance. Both the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 6 will get increased performance and longer battery life in order to support the larger screens. The new A8 chip will be present in both devices and the company is very confident about the quality of their products. About two weeks ago, Apple’s SVP, Eddy Cue affirmed that “Steve Jobs would be extremely proud of the new products the company is building”.

Rumors also suggest that Touch ID will be one of the iPad Air 2’s features and there is no doubt that it will be so. Since it is one of the most powerful devices Apple is releasing right now, it will include every high-end feature and spec they have available. More than that, Touch ID has become a very popular feature so it very probable to be included in the iPad Air 2, as well. The tablet’s design will remain the same, although many fans expected some huge changes. The camera will not remain the same, though. The rear camera will have 8 MP and the front facing camera will have 1.2 MP.

The A8 processor was long awaited by so many consumers, but the truth is that most of them will not even notice the difference. Even so, the A8 will be the only part of the device able to maintain a fluid interface and to allow manufacturers to build thin and beautifully designed tablets and phones.  The Korean publication ETNews informed that the iPad Air 2 will have the same Retina Display and the same design, just like the rumors informed.