iPhone 6 Prototype was an unfinished unit, sold for $11.100

Many of you have surely seen or heard about the iPhone 6 Prototype an Apple fan had received by mistake after they pre-ordered the handset. The fan listed the iPhone 6 Prototype on eBay and it actually received bids over $100.000, to everyone’s amazement. Before selling the iPhone 6, the fan in question reached out to Apple to find out how come they mailed him such a rare artifact, and the response from Apple was disappointing, we suppose.

Apple has confirmed to the fan that the prototype he thought he owned was actually just an unfinished iPhone 6 unit. Nonetheless, the unfinished iPhone 6 contained confidential software and a different rear cover. According to the fan, the unfinished iPhone 6 unit doesn’t have iOS 8 installed and is running applications that other iPhone 6 owners haven’t seen. Moreover, the unfinished iPhone 6 unit has a red charging port and is missing the FCC writing any other phone would have on it. While you might think that a plain unfinished iPhone 6 isn’t worth jack, the fan still managed to sell it, just not for that staggering $100.000.

The unfinished iPhone 6 has been bought by a collector after reviewing the second listing which revealed the true origin of the phone. The collector paid $11.100 for the unit, so the Apple fan is surely happy even with 10% of the initial bid. He also revealed that Apple had offered to replace his unfinished iPhone 6 with a brand new one, but he chose wisely and declined the offer. He can now buy an iPhone 6 and almost any other gadget he wants with the money earned from the sale of the unfinished iPhone 6 unit. While the story is not that interesting, it certainly proves how fanatic tech enthusiasts can get and how easily their interest can dwindle. We can also say that Apple products are novelties and unfinished or unique iterations of any Apple device will surely generate a lot of hype around it.