Beware of the latest Dota 2 phishing scam

Malwarebytes warns on their blog that a Dota 2 phishing page has been spotted recently. The company is one of the best when it comes to malware threats and often posts security-related news on their blog so they are to be trusted. Furthermore, players have also reported this on the Steam forums these last few days. The page they warn about doesn’t look all that believable, but it’s enough to fool players that are not paying attention. The scam says that you will be given a Steam Online Reward if you enter your Steam account and password. They also ask for your Yahoo Email and password for some reason and if you give it to them you’ll run into a screen with the message “We will get back to you as soon as possible.”

The generous phishing page gives you the option of choosing between 10 and 100 free Dota 2 keys. They also want to offer you free Arcana items for Terrorblade, Legion Commander, and Lina. Needless to say, they just want to steal your account info so that they can loot all your hard earned items. A lot of players have been the victims of phishing attempts such as this in the past so don’t be one of them. No one is offering free keys or Arcana items unless it’s some kind of giveaway, but you will usually receive the items via the trading screen not some suspicious looking website.

Dota 2 is currently one of the most popular games around with almost 8.5 million unique players just in the last month, as seen on the official website. This is up from 7.86 million it registered for the month of April. By comparison, World of Warcraft only has about 7.6 million subscribers right now. On the other hand, Dota 2 is still behind League of Legends which reported back in January that it was seeing around 27 million players on a daily basis.