iPad Air 2 vs iPad Mini 3 – What’s new about Apple’s upcoming tablets

Let us, just for a second, forget about the upcoming iPhone 6, and focus a bit on the other two Apple devices that will form the company’s fall/winter line-up. Granted, the iPhone 6 is the most highly anticipated of them all, and if predictions based on hype alone are accurate, Apple is going to truly do well with the iPhone 6. That being said, neither the iPad Air 2 nor the iPad Mini 3 should be ignored. The Mini 2 and the Air are still among the best-selling tablets out there, and the Air specifically impresses even today. So what about their upcoming successors?

The iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 aren’t the only devices Apple is prepping. The company is also working on a brand new MacBook Air, as well as perfecting its display technology for the launch of the highly anticipated iWatch. All in all, Apple promises that this year’s lineup will be the most interesting in the company’s last 25 years. In addition to all these devices coming out, we will also be getting the new iOS 8. Definitely a lot to look forward to. Returning to the two tablets of our focus, it seems like both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 will feature the TouchID technology, something we’ll also be seeing in the iPhone 6. A new leak from Apple.club.tw revealed an image of the three devices on top of each other. We don’t get too much from the leak, apart from a design that looks familiar. It seems like the iPad Mini 3 won’t be different than the last model, and the same applies to the iPad Air 2, at least when it comes to design.

When it comes to hardware, both the iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2 will receive the A8 64-bit processor Apple is working on. Rumors would suggest that both devices will get a considerable upgrade to their cameras, upping the sensor to 8 MP on both. Screen size will probably remain similar, at least in what concerns the iPad Air 2. The current iPad Air sports a 9.7 inch display. There will obviously be other notable upgrades too however. The iPad Mini 3 is rumored to be getting significantly better speakers, and both tablets will be getting stronger batteries. Just how slim the two new tablets will be is anyone’s guess. So far Apple has been keeping a tight lid on things, but more and more images managed to leak online.

A new leaked video suggests that the iPad Air 2 will indeed be thinner, with just 6.2 mm thickness instead of the 7.5 of the current model. This will not result in a weight loss however, as the iPad Air 2 weighs 472g instead of the 469 of the original Air. Hardly a noticeable difference but alas, there it is. Solid information about the iPad Mini 3 is scarce for now, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any developments.