Ubisoft is making changes to Watch Dogs’ multiplayer

Ubisoft has revealed that it is making a number of changes to the multiplayer in Watch Dogs. The modifications are aimed at giving players a better experience online and to encourage them not to quit after failing objectives. Players will now not lose notoriety if they are hacked and cannot find their attacker, while those involved in a ctOS Mobile Challenge will still get some notoriety even if they lose the challenge, as long as they stay in the game. The publisher confirmed that the changes to Watch Dogs were made in the hopes of making the multiplayer more user friendly and to prevent people quitting in the middle of games so that they wouldn’t lose notoriety as this negatively affects other players. “Now, no one will have a reason to quit a match before it’s changed,” explained Ubisoft. “The goal of these changes is to encourage players to finish the hacking session without disconnecting, without incurring a penalty.”

Watch Dogs was perhaps the most anticipated next generation release, having won numerous awards prior to release. The hype helped the title break numerous sales records. Ubisoft announced that it had seen the biggest first day sales of any game in the publisher’s history. Watch Dogs was also the fastest-selling new IP in the UK, beating L.A. Noire by 50%. Ubisoft has since revealed that following its first week on sale, it had sold 4 million units across all markets. However, these numbers are still far lower than other hits this year such as Grand Theft Auto V, which managed to sell 29 million units.

Despite its commercial success, the game was still seen as a disappointment to many. The fact the visuals appeared to have been downgraded from what was seen previously at E3 and the capping of the frame rate at 30fps left many gamers feeling dissatisfied.