Disney Tsum Tsum launches around the world

Disney has announced that it is bringing the incredibly popular puzzle game Disney Tsum Tsum to a global audience. The game has already been available in Japan for some time. Line, a messaging app and gaming center, published the game, which now has over 14 million downloads. Its huge popularity and increasing success had led to Disney Interactive moving to make the title available on Android and iOS globally.

Disney Tsum Tsum is a puzzle game where players have to stack ‘Tsums’ on top of each other in order to line up and pop them. The more that are cleared within the time limit the higher the score rises. The game also offers collectables in the form of specially designed Disney and Pixar Tsums, such as Mickey Mouse, that can be upgraded to give special abilities. As with many free-to-play games it also allows players to make in-app purchases so that they can make the game easier or get past difficult levels. It also has a number of social features users can access by creating a Line account. They can then view leaderboards or compete directly with friends.

Paul Candland, president of Disney in Japan, said: “Disney Tsum Tsum has quickly become a phenomenon in Japan, and we are very excited about the Japan-originated franchise now going global. We are hopeful that the Disney Tsum Tsum franchise will be loved and enjoyed by our guests around the world.” The company will be hoping that the title can repeat its success in other markets as The Next Web noted that around 60% of Line’s $143 million revenue comes from in-app games such as Tsum Tsum.

The mega corporation also revealed that this is one the first times they have looked to bring something from Japan to wide audiences.  “This is one of the first times that Disney has introduced a distinctly Japanese product to a global audience,” explained Disney Interactive PresidentJimmy Pitaro. “Disney Tsum Tsum offers our Guests a unique combination of quality characters.”