iPhone 6 release date and price leaks in China

There’s no question about it – the release date of the iPhone 6 is closing in. Based on rumors, many believed that the release date of Apple’s next flagship would be on the 19th of Septmeber, at least for the phone’s 4.7 inch version, with the iPhone 6’s 5.5 inch version coming out later. According to a new Chinese leak however, it seems that both phones are coming out at the same time, mainly on the 19th of September. The leaked image in question involves a promotional flyer for both versions of the Apple iPhone 6.

As seen in the image, the belief that the iPhone 6 will feature rounded edges is confirmed. The significant design change promised by Apple is definitely happening, although, from this image at least, it does seem like the iPhone 6 will come with a plastic casing instead of the premium aluminum finish of previous models, such as the iPhone 5. This is personally a bummer, since the metal feel of the iPhones were one of my favorite things about Apple’s hand-held devices. Still, we’ll have to see much more than the picture of a promotional flyer before we can judge the design and visual appeal of the upcoming Apple flagship phone.

In terms of pricing, the flyer seems to confirm what most industry insiders believed. As you can see, we’re talking about 5,288 CNY for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6, and 6,288 for the 5.5 inch version. Translated into US dollars, this means roughly $850 for the smaller phone and a little over $1,000 for the larger version. These prices are obviously carrier-free and are likely to be subject to change by the time the phone launches, but it’s a reasonable estimate. US phone prices are generally lower than in other areas of the globe, so around $900 for the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 and $750 for the smaller sibling is a reasonable estimation. Whether or not that’s overpriced remains to be seen in September, when the phone launches and we can find out what exactly is hidden under the hood.

Until then, take this information with a pinch of salt. There’s no guarantee that the flyer in question isn’t fake, but the price and phone design does tend to match what we’ve been hearing so far.

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