Digify, the ultimate iOS and Android security app

Digify is a new application that has recently emerged on the market for Android and iOS and is offering something that most of us have been yearning for because of the current situation of internet privacy and security for the individual. Digify actually turns the files you wish to share with someone into content exclusive to you and it’s free to use. First off, anything you share is converted into a special format on the Digify servers, after which it’s sent to the people you designate.

The file is turned into a read-only, self-destructing file, much like the links you use on free hosting sites like Ge.tt. On opening the file, the recipient is allowed viewing only for a set amount of time after which the content is discarded. You might want to try to take a screenshot, right? That’s one of the nice features available on Digify: it alerts you and revokes the rights to the content from the beneficiary if they try taking a screenshot. It also allows importing files from Dropbox and you can track and unshare your files ┬áif they have not been downloaded yet. You can see who has accessed your file and for how long and how often, giving you nosy little insight into the future. Clearly, Digify does not allow the recipient to either forward or copy your file.

There still is a downside, though. The files you share via Digify can only be viewed via Digify, which means you cannot yet view them on Windows or Mac. The app’s developers say they have the PC versions in mind and promise it will be available soon. Make sure to announce those who you are sending the files to via Digify to install Digify before the deadline of the file expires, because otherwise you have shared in vain.

Digify, nonetheless, has won the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox “Most Innovative Company” award today, so we should expect progress and versatility from the developers in the next few weeks! Congrats to that. We are curious how the company shall progress in its endeavor to protect private property on the mighty internet.