Two new ways to improve your shooting with DSLR

Photographers have been given a new opportunity to improve their experience with the new app and accessory combination from Chainfire. You can now connect your phone or tablet via a cheap little accessory that mounts with a hotshoe to the top of your DSLR turning the attached device’s screen into a camera monitor, giving you a considerably larger viewing area. All you need to assemble this combi gadget is a USB OTG connector and a miniUSB cable to connect to the DSLR and you’re ready to shoot. The Chainfire app also allows you to change focus in video recording mode, which most DSLRs don’t offer by themselves.

Another smart tool DSLR users can benefit from is MIOPS’ new trigger which can tell your DSLR on its own to take high speed photos and activate flash whenever it detects motion, light or sound. That way you can perfectly shoot a lightning storm or any other unpredictable event without having to strech your attention to the maximum with the added benefit of external sensor support. The app can also be used from mobile devices supporting Android and iOS and is infinitely customizable, offering the user the ability to program and time photo sessions without having to stay near your camera or in alert mode. The app will begin shipping in December 2014 and it sells itself as professional photography tech.

You might find these gadgets useful unless you choose one of the new DSLRs from Lytro or Nikon which can offer some of the benefits of the MIOPS or Chainfire, but for a considerably larger sum of cash – over $1000. But if you ate toying with the concept of going pro in photography, the above suggestions are a perfect start and a means to an end.