Next generation smartglass debuted at Wearable Tech Expo

Pivothead introduced its next generation smartglass today at the New York Tech Expo. Pivothead’s SMART (Simple Modular Application-Ready Technology) line begun when the original Pivothead product launched in 2012, but their next-gen smartglass surpasses Pivothead’s initial attempt at wearable devices. The new Pivothead’s main attraction is the fact that it can stream live footage and the relatively acceptable retail prize of $299. The smartglassĀ is characterized by 1080p HD video and 8 mp camera and comes with optional Smart Mods accessories for power, connectivity and apps to the factory glass.

Pivothead, when creating the new smartglass, decided that it was better to set multitasking aside and create a device that can focus on content creation rather than content consumption, because in their understanding, running the two at the same time would lead to failure. Nonetheless, Pivothead’s device comes with a wide variety of features, among which its supposedly stylish finish. That’s what they say, but I hate the design personally. I’m not fond of any glass design yet, but I’m sure my dream glass is on its way. Pivothead motivated its design choice in a clever way, though, They said that they wanted to reach out to the market of fashionistas sporting Oakleys, Gucci, Persol and designer jeans and footwear, under the age of 30, justifying the change in tech as well. They’ve also exemplified why the middle-aged dads would choose smartglasses without thinking of their appearance.

The SMARTglass does include lots of great feature besides live streaming full HD video to a browser or different apps, such as removable SD with mods, interchangeable fuel mod, wireless control from another wearable or mobile device, pairing via Bluetooth with integrated NFC, running Android apps on the Air Mod and configurable touch control.

That would be all we know about the debutante, but we hope there is more to it than this, because at this stage it seems a little behind Google and Samsung and much ahead of its own original model.