Apple upgrades the MacBook Pro line

The long awaited upgrade is here, as Apple finally decided to improve its Pro laptops line. The 15-inch models will come with 16GB RAM, costing the same, while the 13-inch model got cheaper, which for many of us means better. It was about time Apple changed something about its MacBook Pro line of laptops, considering the company didn’t make any changes during the past years. The rumor regarding a possible upgrade was fairly unbelievable when it first popped-out, but we’re more than happy to be proven wrong this time. The upgrade may not be what fans expected, because except for increasing the speed, the MacBooks are pretty much the same, price included.

Yes, that’s right, the price won’t change due to this upgrade, what’s even more exciting is the fact that the 13-inch model will be cheaper. So you can consider this an upgrade as well. As both models will come with 16GB RAM that helps performance, you can consider yourself lucky for having a better device at the same price, or cheaper. The 15-inch model will cost around $2,499, while the 13-inch will cost no more than $1,299 or less.

Older 13-inch models, still very appreciated and bought, come with 4GB RAM and cost no more than $1,099, due to the price cut. The new 13-inch Pros come geared-up with faster Intel Haswell processor, 2,6GHz Core i5  or 2,8GHz Core i7, and 8GB RAM as standard. Meanwhile, the 15-inch models come with an Intel Core i7 , 2,2GHZ or 2,5GHz. The most powerful among these features the Nvidia GeForce GT 750M card while the other comes with the integrated graphics Iris Pro from Intel. Considering all laptops have great hardware, an upgrade was indeed a smart move that brought many smiles.

The MacBook Pros were very well sold in the past and will continue to be purchased by all aluminum -clad lovers a long time from now, with or without this upgrade. MacBook sales have rises 18% during the past quarter, and analysts expect even more sales now that both models feature 16GB RAM, with no price rising. As long as the Pros exist, rival companies will have a lot of work to do if they want to surpass Apple’s success. Analyst Horace Dediu said that the MacBook Pro is “more profitable than all the other vendors put together”, and he couldn’t be more right.