Apple revealed Siri for Mac

As Siri was a trademark for every iOS device since 2011, Apple decided it’s time to focus on Mac users as well. Once the decision was made, the company introduced a similar virtual assistant that can perform dictations and system commands, helping Mac users and acting as a third hand. Published Thursday, Apple’s 92-page patent application for an  “intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment” revealed a new tech that surpasses everything we know so far about the current dictation capability featured by Macs, hence the description “Siri for Mac”.

Apple’s Mac version is able to process natural language and perform actions like sending and receiving data, conducting searches. All commands have to be given in context, based  on deduced user intent. So just as Siri, this PC version will use speech recognition to complete all the task the user needs, deciphering the contextual language. The Siri for Mac has the same backend like Siri for iOS. The bonus is, it can be integrated into an app that can be controlled by keyboard or mouse gestures, or it can be activated to respond to phrases. Remember “Hello Siri”? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing. If you want to, Siri for Mac can also wait and then let you know from time to time that it’s ready to work, allowing you to speak commands and start dictation regardless of what you do meanwhile.

Using voice commands to do almost everything you used to do with the mouse or the keyboard will soon enough replace the both. The answer/response feature known in Siri for iOS was applied to the PC variant of OS, even if a proper computer has extra power and and it can perform more advanced operations. The desktop version of Siri uses “focus selector” that helps users give context to a command, meaning the assistant can operate under a hanging cursor or even hold some files that are to be looked upon later. Multiple actions and commands can be given to the assistant, thus merging an advanced comparison operation.

All these and more interesting actions can be performed with Siri for Mac, one of them and probably the most interesting is using it as “a third hand”.  Multitasking won’t be an issue any longer, because while multiple applications are running in the desktop environment users will no longer be restricted to interact with only one asset at a time. Unfortunately it’s not known for sure when Apple plans to release Siri for Mac, so thinking about a simultaneous release of the OS X Yosemite and the PC Siri is not recommended. The OS X is now only a beta, and as far as rumors go, nothing about supporting a virtual assistant was mentioned, so we guess we’ll have to wait some more time before other news regarding Siri for Mac being done and ready to hit the market.