Future LG smartphones to have bootloader unlocking

According to a report, LG is planning to offer a safer bootloader unlocking feature to developers, along with a specific server. The company is thinking about bringing bootloader unlocking support to all its future devices, but before doing so, it must terminate working on some fine details. The company is now thinking about what models will indeed come with a bootloader unlock feature, but it takes in consideration issues like security, technical restrictions and the policy of mobile carriers, as the firm stated.

This feature is not at all easy to handle, bootloader unlocking allows users to install ROMs on their smartphones, a process that turns out to be difficult for certain society members. Some ROMs are available to only a few users, but they come along with detailed instructions to help them, so leaving procedures such as this in the hands of every unconscious user is not a good idea. This is why LG decided to wait and rethink their strategy before releasing bootloader unlocking as a standard feature for every smartphone. Bootloader unlocking has been one of the many projects LG prepared for its devices, but as things didn’t go so well, the company is now trying to atone for its insecurity and work harder before releasing it to developers.

The decision came along with an apology letter to developers, in which LG states its deepest regret for not offering the proper support for bootloader unlocking on the latest LG smartphones. In the letter the company also mentioned the interest other developers have for this feature, and that it will be ready to offer support soon, because it has been working on a server that provides safer bootloader unlock. The letter states LG has not yet decided what future model will be targeted to feature the bootloader unlocking feature, but from what we could tell, chances for a near future LG smartphone to have this feature are small. The company has reasons like security and some technical problems they still have to fix, so developers must wait a little more until the support is terminated.