Blizzard’s World of Warcraft UK subscription prices will increase in November

With the release of Blizzard’s next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, a subscription fee increase has been announced. This change will come to fruition from 13th November.

Blizzard explained on their forums: “We regularly look at our pricing around the world and from time to time we make changes in light of local and regional market conditions. As such, we want to give everyone a heads-up that we will shortly be adjusting the pound sterling subscription price of World of Warcraft.” The new subscription fees will not stray far from the old ones, as seen below:

  • 30 Days – £9.99 from £8.99
  • 90 Days – £28.17 from £25.17
  • 180 Days – £52.14 from £46.14

Also, the new price for the 60-day prepaid time card will be £20.99. The publisher stated that recurring subscription plans at the time of the increase will not suffer any changes for two years after the price growth. A reminder will be sent two months prior to the price change so that subscribers have time to ponder on the new fee and make a choice.

Blizzard doesn’t come bringing only bad news. A new price has been announced for Mists of Pandaria that will surely bring joy to avid fans who haven’t purchased this expansion yet. The cost has been brought down to £7.99 only. Also, in a recent interview at Gamescom, Tom Chillton, one of the lead designers for Blizzard Entertainment, stated that Warlords of Draenor took longer than anticipated to create, by roughly 6 months and that the process of getting the new members of the team up to speed slowed down the development. As such, a group is working day and night for the next expansion hoping that this time they will avoid long gaps.