Amazon Fire Phone is not selling very good according to analysts

I’m sure most of you remember the insane amount of hype that surrounded the Amazon Fire Phone a while back. The device launched about two months ago, but we haven’t heard much about it since then and the hype died down lately as well. This could only mean that the handset wasn’t actually that interesting after all, but what exactly went wrong? First of all, Amazon decided that it would be a good idea to give the device a price tag of $200 on an AT&T contract. This is the very same price for which you can buy various flagship smartphone including the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5s. Naturally, this wasn’t in fact a good idea as those handsets are superior in pretty much every way to the Amazon Fire Phone.

That being said, there were some people interested in it for the rather unique camera setup, but ultimately the number of purchases were much lower than anticipated. The retailer giant didn’t want to disclose any specific numbers, but that’s not surprising since they rarely do. However, according to analysts, the Amazon Fire Phone only sold somewhere between 26.000 and 35.000 units until now. Again, these numbers are not official, but Amazon is unlikely to give a statement regarding the sales any time soon so we’ll just have to trust the analysts for now.

As mentioned, the price might have played a big role in all of this because although the Amazon Fire Phone isn’t terrible, there are plenty of better devices on the market to choose from. Moreover, the phone runs on the Amazon Fire OS, which is not exactly a very popular operating system. If Apple and the iOS have taught me anything is that people are inclined to buy a device running on a good OS even if the specs are not that amazing.