Jumbo 12.9 inch iPad in the works

Rumors have emerged from sources close to Apple that a new jumbo-sized iPad is in the works and set to be released early in 2015. Supposedly, the new iPad will feature a whopping 12.9 inch display, way off existing Apple tablet models that go up to 9.7 inches tops. Those of you who enjoy tablets and consider yourselves power users who multitask on your tablets might be excited about this piece of chatter that has been going around on the web.

Sources claim that the new iPad might be called the iPad Pro to cater to said power users and might feature laptop-like functions in addition to the large display. Suppliers are already preparing components for manufacturing, according to our sources, which means that the new iPad will certainly come early in 2015, in the first quarter possibly. Large-scale manufacturing, on the other hand, might be a little put off, but otherwise, it seems that the new iPad might land in mainstream stores by Spring 2015.

A keyboard dock, laptop functions and integrated power user features are some of the specs floating around the iPad “Pro”, but they remain unconfirmed for now. That would be it for the juice on this piece of news, but we shouldn’t forget that other iPad models are being prepared in upgraded forms, as well. Not to mention the new iPhones coming from Apple this fall.

Most likely, this fall, Apple will release the iPad Air 2 and iPad 3, with larger RAM and iOS 8 incorporated. The Air 2 will feature split-screen multi-tasking and A8 processor. The  Mini 3 will also run on the same type of processor, but we don’t know whether the extra RAM will be included in the model. Both devices, on the other hand, will probably come with Touch ID, which will be a convenient feature to have on a tablet.

Apple has been planning an October launch event, where both iPads will probably surface and hopefully, we will see the iWatch in full glory as well, although there are uncertainties about the manufacturing and assembly process of Apple’s smartwatch. Taking into consideration the fact that Apple’s iPad sales, even though they’ve decreased, remain leading in the domain, we’re sure that a bigger tablet is in the works, we just don’t know when we will see it live in action.