Blackberry Blend to launch alongside Passport

The Blackberry Passport is one of the new flagships I’m really eager to see first-hand because it seems like the perfect device for office work (and play), but I expected it to come by itself ’til now. Blackberry Blend is a new software service the company has developed and it will supposedly come along  with the Passport sometime this month.

The aim of Blackberry Blend is to create a bridge between the Blackberry you hold in your hands and other devices. Evidently, we’re referring to mobile devices other than Blackberries, which would be good news since many flagships don’t offer that possibility. Except for Bluetooth… Blackberry Blend will allow one to access the files on one’s Blackberry from a different device and it will support BBM, calendar, SMS messages, emails, files and more.

With Blackberry Blend, you can easily access anything you might have stored on your BB phone and even create calendar entries directly. It works much like a browser, giving you access to a company intranet if you are using Blackberry Blend in a corporate environment. That would make task sharing and publishing easier for employers and employees, as well as create a flexible environment in which to work with the documents from your BB or the company’s intranet.

Backing up and restoring data will also be possible with Blackberry Blend, which is a nice feature to have on a work phone or work network, because accidents and mishaps always occur, even in the most comprehensive office environments. Backing up and restoring files was previously possible with Blackberry Desktop Software and Link, but having all these features packed into one piece of software is much more handy.

Blackberry Blend will be available for devices running OS 10.3 or later, and it might come pre-loaded on the Blackberry Passport. Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7 or later will be required on PC, whereas iOS 6 and Android 4.4 on mobile. We haven’t received confirmation about the release of the software from Blackberry yet, so this is just a rumor, but there is a strong possibility that Blackberry will take advantage of the Passport’s possible success in order to introduce its own new piece of software technology.