Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair was released today

The English version of the Playstation Vita exclusive Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair has been released today. It has already been out in Japan since October 10, 2013. The Japanese market also got a PSP version, released on July 26th, 2012.

The game was developed by Spike Chunsoft and released by NIS America in the United States. The game is a murder mystery visual novel, a sequel to the 2010 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc game. Danganronpa 2 features two main styles of gameplay: School Life, split into Daily Life and Deadly Life sections and the Class Trial. The Daily Life section involves talking to other characters and building relationships with them. The Deadly Life section occurs when you discover a crime scene and you have to search for evidence that will assist you in the Class Trial. The Class Trial is the part where players need to figure out who is the culprit. It features the same aspects as the previous game, except it has different gameplay elements. For instance, the Nonstop Debate, in which you need to find contradictions in the students’ discussions and find weak points now includes blue weak points that must be backed by evidence proving that someone is saying the truth. Several other features are modified, including the Closing Argument, in which players need to fill out a Comic strip that shows the events of the crime. Now, this mini-game is adjusted so that players can fill out one page at a time, using available clues, instead of being given all the pages and clues to work with.

Another feature included in the game is the Rebuttal Showdown, in which you will have to compete with another student in a deduction duel. If you’re doing everything right, the trial ends with an execution. A major difference between this game and the first Danganronpa is the setting. While in the previous game, players were restricted to the school, now they have access to the whole Jabberwock Island. This handheld game sounds really promising for fans of detective stories and of anime-style graphics. It is now available for the Playstation Vita, in English.