Warframe now available on the Xbox One as well

The free-to-play online shooter, Warframe developed by Digital Extremes enjoyed a fair amount of success on the PC and later on the PS4. Starting today, the game is also available on the Xbox One for the very same cheap price of nothing. You can purchase in-game currency with real money and use it to buy various items to boost your arsenal, but overall you can experience the game in its entirety without paying anything. In Warframe you play as a member of the Tenno, ancient warriors awoken from cryosleep by a mysterious force who summoned them to fight against the rapidly expanding Grineer. The story might be a bit generic, but you’ll definitely have a lot of fun thanks to the game’s mechanics, badass armors and co-op action.

“Warframe has been a labor of love for our team for over a decade,” said Digital Extremes Creative Direct Steve Sinclair in a press release. “We believed in this concept when no one else did and it’s so satisfying to see the incredible reception it’s received from the gaming world – and now with the Xbox One launch it will just keep getting better.” It’s already doing pretty good on Steam where it’s one of the highest rated free-to-play games so it’s definitely worth checking out on the Xbox One as well. Moreover, the game benefits from additional functionality there thanks to the Xbox SmartGlass.

Sinclair says that “this companion app provides players with pertinent real-time game information and stats such as Alerts to critical missions and the Codex, which provides key data on all the Warframes, weapons, Mods and more to help players strategize their play.” If you’re interested in Warframe visit this page to download it and check out some of the downloadable content while you’re there. As a side note, the game weighs in at 6.88 GB so make sure you have enough free space.