Liquid smartphones and smartwatch at IFA Berlin from Acer, yet again

Acer has been quite on their game in the past few months since they’ve come with a budget smartphone, smartwatch, Windows tablet, 2 Android Iconia tablets, three convertible Switch devices and the Aspire R13 and R14 notebooks with rotating displays. All of these were shown off at IFA Berlin today and Acer has brought in quite a crowd for their exhibition.

We’ve reviewed the larger devices Acer has released, so we’re moving on to two smaller gadgets this time, both in the budget category. Acer has unveiled a new smartphone at IFA at a reasonable price with reasonable specs packed into it. The smartphone in question is the Acer Liquid Z500, with a 5 inch display.

The Liquid Z500 is targeted mainly at music enthusiast and youths, with high-quality front facing speakers bringing DTS Studio Sound. The phone sports an IPS screen and ¬†an 8 MP rear camera, which is not bad considering that it is targeted at youths and young adults or entry-level smartphone users. It will run Android, but we’re not sure which version yet.

It’s in the budget category because it will sell for around $190 from September 15. It measures 8.65 mm in thickness, which makes it pretty thin compared to other budget phones. The Liquid Z500 will be available in Titanium Black, Sandy Silver and Aquamarine Green. The main selling point of this smartphone is the fact that it offers very high audio quality fit for those who listen to music no matter what they’re doing. The Liquid Z500 comes as a first initiative of Acer to create budget smartphones, the company declaring that they would like to offer the lowest prices possible for mid-range smartphones. Acer plans to launch smartphones that fall under a $50 budget, which would be a remarkable feat and we’re curious whether the quality of the phones will be worth their launch.

In other news, Acer has also showed off its Liquid Leap fitness band and Liquid Jade smartphone, declaring that the devices will become available in Europe as well in the following weeks. The Liquid Jade, according to Acer, is a smartphone that focuses more on style than specs, sporting an HD 5 inch Corning Gorilla Glass protected screen, 7.5 mm thickness and 110 g weight. It has a curved build, UV high gloss rear and other touches we don’t know much about yet.

The Liquid Leap, on the other hand, is Acer’s first attempt at a smartwatch/fitness band. The Liquid Leap will sport a 1 inch display embedded on a 17 mm band that comes in white, black, green, pink and orange. It will sport the usual fitness functions other fitness bands do, but it will also feature smartwatch functions like e-mail, messaging, calling notification and music playback control. It will also be able to get calendar reminders and notifications. Both the Jade and Leap will be available in Europe from September 7.

Liquid Jade and Liquid Leap, image courtesy of slash gear