Impact X: the phone that can survive an explosion

Different IP certifications have almost become necessities in high end devices nowadays, and the Impact X phone aims to take a step forward in environmental damage resistance. The Kyocera Brigadier was one of this year’s smartphones that amazed with its shock-resistance and durable chassis.The Bartec Pixavi Imapct X on the other hand has no competition in this field and will probably be the most rugged Android smartphone til now.

The Impact X is not only IP68 certified (dust- and water-proof), but it will survive a massive drop on the floor from heights up to 2 meters and 2 joules. Its chassis is made of aluminium and its screen is protected by a 2 mm Corning Gorilla Glass tailored for the Impact X. The device is also resistant to corrosive materials and high temperatures as well, being the perfect phone for those working in harsh conditions or journalists traveling to dangerous places. Much like the Kyocera Brigadier, the Impact X is the perfect military-grade device that anyone can get their hands on.

What’s most impressive about the Impact X is its IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certifications, which means that the device is explosion-proof and suitable for hazardous areas. The design of the Impact X makes it easy to handle even when wearing safety gloves, thanks to the rubber buttons that stick out and the impact protection bypasses the fact that it’s easy to slip. Bartec Pixavi had tough working conditions in mind when designing the phone, accentuating that workers need good sunlight readability and improved battery endurance, so a viable smartphone was sure to emerge from the company’s endeavors.

The dual camera feature of the device is also an admirable trait, since Bartec added the second camera in a 90 degrees position compared to the primary camera, making all recorded videos turn out in landscape mode. This feature was added because Bartec thought many users record portrait videos because they need to hold the phone in one hand and the dual camera technology was developed to solve this issue. Both cameras are 8 MP and can be triggered by a dedicated camera shutter button at the front of the device, positioned below the hardware navigation buttons. It can record 1080p video at 30fps, and can also capture 3D videos. The gadget also features echo-cancellation, which will be a nice feature to enjoy in noisy working environments.

Spec-wise, the Impact X has a 4.3 inch IPS LCD display with a 480*800 resolution, 3000 mAH battery and Android 4.2.2. The price of the Impact X will be quite high considering the fact that it’s specs will probably be around mid-range: between $1000 and $1200, but we don’t know when the monster will be available for purchase. Even though it’s not a flagship device, it sure trumps all of the smartphones and phablets out there in terms of protection and durability, which makes it a leader in the field, especially for those working in hazardous conditions.