Heroes of the Storm gets new keg weilding Pandaren hero

Today Blizzard Entertainment revealed the latest addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster. This hero is none other than Chen Stormstout, best known for being the first Pandaren to appear in a Warcraft game. Chen made its first appearance in Warcraft 3 where to proved to be a faithful companion to the beastmaster Rexxar before reaching Pandaria and becoming a quest giver in World of Warcraft: Mists of Panadaria. He is also the Pandaren who is fighting the Orc and Human at the same time in the expansion’s cinematic. Now the legendary brewmaster joins all the other memorable Blizzard characters in Heroes of the Storm and he looks more or less similar to his previous incarnations, albeit a tad more aggressive. But this is hardly surprising given that Blizzard created him specifically for the Warrior role in Heroes of the Storm. Details about his abilities can be found below.

  • Flying Kick: Portly Pandarens are more nimble than they appear. Chen’s flying kick can deliver a sharp blow as well as get him into a more advantageous position on the battlefield.
  • Keg Smash: Chen would prefer to avoid spilling good brew, but sometimes it’s necessary. Enemies are crushed under the keg and drenched with brew, slowing their movement temporarily.
  • Breath of Fire: Chugging so much brew leaves Chen with flammable breath. More than just a parlor trick, enemies caught in Chen’s fiery blast suffer serious burns. Those already soaked with brew from a keg smash are engulfed in flame for even more damage.
  • Wandering Keg (Heroic): Nothing creates chaos like a runaway keg of brew. Chen can hop into his barrel and smash into foes, knocking them all around the battlefield.
  • Storm, Earth, Fire (Heroic): In dire times, Chen can draw upon the power of three elements and split himself into their spirit forms. Each spirit unleashes elemental wrath upon enemies with every attack.

As for his hero trait, Chen can periodically drink from his keg in order to fuel his fighting abilities. You will want to play Chen as more of a tank as he has high Survivability but rather average Damage and Utility. All in all, the legendary brewmaster is another great addition to Heroes of the Storm’s constantly growing roster. Stay tuned for more news and updates.