Bluetooth Speaker and Headset launched by Sony

Sony has rolled out two new devices, a Bluetooth speaker dubbed BSP10 and a Bluetooth headset dubbed SBH60. Both the speaker and the headset use Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone or tablet.

The Bluetooth speaker is a round, fairly small portable speaker measuring 78 x 60 mm and weighing 300g. Integrated controls for power, volume, and answering incoming calls are located on top of the speaker. The Bluetooth device has a matte polycarbonate design catering to the recent round-shape craze that has been going on. The whole speaker has a minimalist design which will surely be a crowd-pleaser. It’s not as awesome as the OM ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker which, well, levitates, but it still looks good and might be a little more maneuverable than the OM ONE. 

Besides Bluetooth, the speaker has 10W of power and it supports NFC, Qi charging, and microUSB charging. It will work with any Bluetooth equipped device, but call functions can vary. With NFC you can create tags for the headset so that when passing a certain point or hovering a tag next to the NFC sensor of the Bluetooth headset, it can do stuff you’ve programmed it to do beforehand, such as play a certain track, mute, stop or whatever playback related activity you can think of.

The Bluetooth headphones from Sony have a 9mm headband and weigh 125g. Integrated controls for answering calls, volume, playing or pausing music are available via buttons, and it is available in black and white. A 3.5mm headphone port allows the headphones to connect to non-Bluetooth devices. The internal battery is good for up to 13 hours of streaming audio. The headset also has wind and noise reduction built in for a better experience. Fast charge and voIP are also available on the Bluetooth 3.0 enabled device. These are the acoustic specs of the device, if you’re into high quality audio: 30mm dynamic speaker, 30Hz-18000Hz frequency range, Electret condenser, omnidirectional microphone and an effective range of 100-80000Hz. 

The gadgets are not yet available in the U.S., but they are already on-sale at Clove Technology in the UK. The Bluetooth Speaker BSP10 is $129, whilst the Bluetooth Headset SBH60 is $81 on the retailer’s site. We don’t know what price the gadgets will have when they enter the U.S. market, but the prices listed at Clove Technology include VAT so we might end up with a different pricing.