Pre-Order Dying Light and get an exclusive multiplayer mode

According to developer Techland, if you pre-order Dying Light from Steam or from the Xbox and PlayStation stores, you will receive an additional DLC multiplayer mode called “Be the Zombie” for free.

Dying Light’s “Be the Zombie” multiplayer mode puts players in the shoes of Night Hunter, an ultimate zombie. According to Techland, Night Hunter is a fast, agile and dangerous predator whose objective is to hunt down human survivors. As this zombie, you will invade other players’ games and fight them. What’s unique about this mode is that the zombie you are controlling, “Night Hunter” is not only killing humans, but also other zombies, in order to reach supremacy.

Additional content offered to those who pre-order Dying Light include a free, Steam-exclusive blueprint that enables you to build a special crowbar called Punk Queen. This weapon is upgraded with batteries and wires for electrical damage, lighters for burning damage, acid containers, spikes and razors.

Originally, Techland’s open world zombie game, Dying Light was supposed to be released this fall. However, the developer decided to postpone it in order to be able to offer players a better experience. While they initially teased a February 2015 release date, Techland eventually confirmed that Dying Light will be released in January 27, 2015 in North America, January 28 in Australia and New Zealand and January 30 in Europe and Asia. The game will come out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Besides Dying Light, polish developer Techland also developed “Dead Island” and its “Riptide” expansion pack. This shows that they now have the necessary experience to make a great zombie survival game. This, and the fact that the developer decided to leave their own franchise because of certain differences of opinion with publisher Deep Silver, stresses the fact that Techland is on the verge of delivering one of their best games so far.