Japanese developer Nude Maker is working on a new horror franchise, called Project Scissors

Japanese developer Nude Maker, led by Hifumi Kouno, the creator of the classic horror-adventure franchise Clock Tower, announced that they are developing a brand new horror franchise, known as Project Scissors. According to the developer, Project Scissors is a spiritual succesor of Clock Tower and its development marks the twentieth anniversary of the original horror franchise.

In a press release, the developer stated that, through Project Scissors, they are aiming to deliever the ultimate horror game experience. Nude Maker promises that players will be transported in a world of primal fear, suspense and mystery. The game is set on a luxurious cruise liner, situated in the middle of the ocean. After a series of gruesome murders take place on the ship, the ocean liner is left crippled and adrift at sea. Players assume the role of one of the passengers of the ship, and will have to solve the murder mystery in a race for his and the other passengers’ survival.

According to Nude Maker, Project Scissors will benefit of several key people from the Japanese gaming industry. One of them is Masahiro Ito, the creature designer of the Silent Hill franchise, who is in charge of designing the creatures and props of the project. In addition to Ito, the team is also joined by Takashi Shimizu, director of “The Grudge”, who is the creative producer of the game. He will also direct a live action teaser trailer that will provide a glimpse into the game’s world. The developer announced that other well-known talents in the Japanese gaming industry will be joining the project and that they will reveal more in future announcements. One of the major purposes of this game, according to Nude Maker, is to prove that the Japanese game industry and its indie spirit are still alive and kicking.

Project Scissors will be released on the Playstation Vita and for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Since the team just began the development process, the game doesn’t have a release date yet.