Microsoft adapter will stream your content to a TV

Google’s Chromecast has become one the favorite streaming gadgets out there, being able to stream almost anything to your TV so you can enjoy it on a big screen. That includes online streaming videos, photos, games and more. But Chromecast has a fresh competitor from Microsoft coming up.

The Wireless Display Adapter from Microsoft (Rigid name, isn’t it?) comes as an alternative to Chromecast and it can beam content to any HDMI TV set from an Android or PC. The advantage of the Microsoft Wireless Display adapter is that it can beam everything that goes on your screen, compared to Chromecast’s application based streaming.

The device will supposedly be released next month and will set you back $60. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is a bit more expensive than the Chromecast, but it does offer you the possibility of a more varied playlist you can watch Saturday nights on your big-screen TV. Chromecast is one of the big successes, but there are devices just as amazing such as The Roku Streaming Stick and the Apple TV. and we hope Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will fare well among these competitors.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will have to match the performance of the Roku and the Chromecast media streamers in order to compete with the already established devices. The Microsoft Wireless Adapter does have the added advantage of turning the TV you stream to into a second screen for your PC or Android device. Those devices need to be Miracast capable for the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter to work, by the way because it doesn’t use a Wi-Fi connection.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter sounds like a great device that would come in handy for presentations, multi-tasking, videos, folder setups, and more, but reports say that it does slow down sometimes. Namely, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter tends to lag around, but it can be overlooked, most of the time. Microsoft should definitely try to make the Adapter work properly because it is almost double the price of the already popular Chromecast and the Display Adapter seems like a handy device to have around.