United Front Games talks Sleeping Dogs sequel, Triad Wars

During a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, developer United Front Games has revealed further details about the upcoming online-only PC exclusive Triad Wars, in addition to talking about a potential sequel to the open-world action/adventure title set in Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs.

According to Triad Wars producer Justin Bullard, United Front wanted to expand on the universe created in Sleeping Dogs, so the developer opted for a broader audience by creating an online-only title. “There were a lot of factors that went into choosing to do Triad Wars”, said Bullard. “Mostly, it came down to being overwhelmed by the positive reception to Sleeping Dogs and really wanting to continue to expand that universe”. Contrary to initial reports, Triad Wars is not a sequel to Sleeping Dogs, but more of an expansion. “Triad Wars is an expansion to the Sleeping Dogs universe – it’s a universe that we love and are extremely proud of”, continued the producer. “This game gives us the opportunity to do something new and exciting”.

Furthermore, Triad Wars is going to be a free-to-play title, which you will asynchronously experience with other players. This basically means that everyone plays on one server, but since it’s asynchronous, you’ll be competing against a smaller set of players at any one time. So what about that sequel to Sleeping Dogs you’ve all been waiting for? Right now, everyone is focused on Triad Wars, but that doesn’t exclude a potential sequel, as the producer puts it. “Right now, we are totally focused on making Triad Wars as awesome as it could be – but would love to continue making games in the Sleeping Dogs universe.”

Finally, Bullard also talked about the engine powering Triad Wars, and the fact that United Front would like to bring said online-only title to other platforms, as well. “Our hope is to get this game on everything”, explained the producer. “We’ve spent a lot of time upgrading the engine and making tech improvements to ensure we are able to get it running on any platform. So while it’s PC for now… stay tuned”.