iOS devices will be seeing Virtual Reality with AirVR

Since Oculus have introduced their Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on Kickstarter, many distinguished brands have been trying to take a shot at this futuristic device market. Sony launched their Morpheus Project recently, Google its Cardboard Project, while Samsung its Project Moonlight. The latest addition to this popular crowd is an independent design studio based in Toronto, called Metatecture. They’ve decided to launch their own Kickstarter project tackling the Virtual Reality prospect on iOS devices. They’ve entitled it AirVR. Metatecture is proposing an affordable VR alternative to what will be out there. The AirVR will be retailing for CAD$49, US$45, and will be available for online purchase sometime next year.

The AirVR headset will work in tandem with the iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina and iPhone 6+, housing the iOS mobile device inside to offer a high quality 3D world before your eyes with the use of two aspheric lenses. The AirVR will not be focusing simply on video games, and will provide a broader line of features and apps that will allow the user to travel with his eyes and mind to different places all over the world. Metatecture assures that the level of support will be very extensive due to the important number of publishers who use iOS. The company says that the drive behind this project was the high-end performance and display of the iPad Mini Retina which got them thinking about a VR headset that could transpose these powerful capabilities into a VR experience.

Talking about content, the company has developed some amazing apps, such as the Photo VR – a feature that uses the device’s onboard camera to take virtual reality photos, or Panorama VR, which allows the user to explore panoramic pics. There are other smart features to talk about, such as the Touch Strip input available for iPad Mini which will provide app and game interaction, as well as other adjusting functions for the AirVR. Concluding with the MovieVR, this app will allow the user to witness a different 3D and HD movie experience. To find out more about the AirVR, visit the AirVR Kickstarter page.