“Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection” Rated by ESRB for Switch’s M2

M2’s “M2ShotTriggers” series released Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli on the Nintendo Switch in Japan in October 2021.

Western fans, rejoice. The ESRB has rated the Switch and PlayStation 4 Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection. The listing says Limited Run Games will publish it.

Rating summary:

“This is a collection of ten arcade-style action games in which players control helicopters and robots through levels of enemies. Most games allow players to control helicopters that shoot projectiles at enemies (e.g., planes, tanks, drones); games are presented from a top-down, scrolling perspective, highlighted by explosions and gunfire. One side-scrolling game allows players to control a robot soldier that punches and laser fire to attack enemies; the beat-’em-gameplay depicts depleting health bars, various attacks (e.g., Speed Punch, Fire Punch, Super Punch), and protracted boss battles.”

And here are the games included (via Gematsu):

  • Get Star (arcade version)
  • Guardian (western arcade version of Get Star)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Famicom version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (PC Engine version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Mega Drive version)
  • Twin Cobra (NES version)
  • Twin Cobra (Genesis version)
  • Tiger-Heli (Famicom version)
  • Tiger-Heli (NES version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (arcade version)
  • Tiger-Heli (arcade version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (two-player arcade version)
  • Twin Cobra (western arcade version of Kyukyoku Tiger)

Limited Run is hosting its annual showcase next week on 12th July, so an official announcement could be on the horizon.