Unsurprisingly, Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’s Update Targets Item Duplication Glitches

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s fourth update addressed several issues to “improve the gameplay experience” this week.

It was quickly discovered that Version 1.2.0 no longer supported certain item duplication glitches, though Nintendo didn’t specify these improvements. To answer your question, Nintendo is still fighting dupe glitches.

There are multiple player accounts and reports that certain glitches no longer work. Over the past week, several YouTube videos have shown glitches that can be used with Version 1.2.0.

Eurogamer reported that “frozen meat” and “Tobio’s Hollow Chasm” glitches no longer work, but newer glitches compensate. “Easily get one million rupees in just minutes” with one.

Despite Nintendo’s efforts to reduce glitches in the new Zelda game, the community is still finding ways to multiply Link’s inventory using memory, jumping, and other glitches. Tears of the Kingdom players can disable auto-updates to use older versions.

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