Android phones in the Archos Platinum line for $99

The Android One line has just been launched in India, and Archos wants to bring phones that will be able to go up against the competitive prices Google has set for the Android One line of stock Android phones. Archos will release mid-range phones that run Android KitKat.

Archos has been known for selling cheap phones that cater to entry level customers and emerging markets, as well. In an attempt to gain more revenue and popularity, Archos launched the 50b Planitum and 45c Platinum devices. The first one will set you back just $99, whilst the second one has a $119 price tag. Since Android One phones like the Karbonn Sparkle V, Spice Dream Uno and Micromax Canvas A1 retail for the same price, the Archos release seems like a good competing line.

On the other hand, if we check out the specs Archos has put on these mid-range smartphones, we can clearly see that the Android One line is a tad superior. The 50b Platinum model sports a 5 inch display, quad core Mediatek CPU clocked 1.3 GHz and backed by 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. The 45c Platinum differs only by screen size, sporting a 4.5 inch display, and by the camera. The Archos 50b Platinum has an 8 MP rear shooter, whilst the 45c Platinum has a 5 MP rear camera. The display on the 50b Platinum has a 960*540 resolution, while that on the 45c has an 854*480 resolution. The phones are about 8 mm thick and weigh around 158 grams, so they’re right there in the middle when it comes to design.

Android One devices run on the same type of CPU, with 1 GB RAM backing it, 4.5 inch 845*480 resolution display, 4 GB storage expandable via a microSD card, dual SIM support and dual cameras with 5 MP and 2 MP sensors. Archos will do well to market these devices in more areas than Android One is marketed, although the Archos devices do have an appealing design if you look at pictures taken of the handsets, but there hasn’t been much detail about their build quality and endurance, or battery life, for that matter. The 45c Platinum has a 1700 mAh battery, while the 50b has a 1900 mAH battery.

If you are into mid-range budget phones and would rather pay less to have a device that can do all the main, basic functions a flagship like the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 or iPhone 6 can do (calling, texting, a little browsing, medium quality photography and social media), Archos has you in mind when launching the 50b and 45c Platinum devices. You also get three different back covers with each purchase, a blue one, a pink one and a black one, which is cool. If you choose the Archos 50b Platinum as your next phone, you’ll also get an 8 GB microSD card and a transparent case for the $119 you pay on the phone.