DayZ will likely be coming to the Xbox One, early access on the PS4 is being considered

Good news for Xbox One owners who were hoping to play the survival horror MMO DayZ on their console. The game is currently in early access on the PC and Bohemia Interactive had previously announced that it will also release on the PS4 once it’s ready. Now it looks like the company also plans on releasing it on the Xbox One and perhaps other platforms as well. “DayZ is definitely going to be a multi-platform title – that’s the firm vision from Bohemia’s standpoint,” DayZ creator Dean Hall told Eurogamer at EGX. He also revealed that there a plans to launch an early access version on the PS4, but apparently Bohemia is still waiting for a word from Sony on the matter. “That would depend on what options Sony provides,” he said. “I don’t think they’ve said anything about… Everyone’s said they’re thinking about it.”

Hall admitted that the early access version of DayZ faces some problems on the PC and Sony is most likely already aware of them. The company might not want an early access version on the PS4 because of those problems, but as Hall mentioned, Sony still hasn’t said anything and is still thinking about it. “There’s a lot of problems with Early Access on PC that definitely are at the forefront of people’s minds,” he said. “So when DayZ will release would depend very much on what Sony offers in terms of if it was going to do an Early Access program, what it looks like. Then also the state of DayZ – does it make sense to do it through that?”

Finally, the creator of DayZ says that Bohemia will not dumb down the PC version of the game because of the console versions. He pointed at Skyrim as an example of a title whose user interface suffered on the PC because it was designed for consoles. “The PC was the loser in that,” he said, “because the UI had to be dumbed down. That’s a good example of something we absolutely do not want to happen.”