Star Citizen makes Guinness World Records book

Star Citizen is not even out yet and is already enjoying an incredible amount of gaming media talk. Now, Chris Roberts, the “big daddy” of Star Citizen proudly reports that the game has breached the $55 million mark in development crowdfunding, which puts Star Citizen in the Guinness Book of World Records “not as the largest crowdfunded game of all time, but as the largest crowdfunded anything of all time,” according to Roberts. This ambitious project launched at Kickstarter with a $6 million budget in November 2012 to reach this high peak of over $55 million two days ago. Roberts declared that the two main fundraising sources lie in ship sales and the new members of the Star Citizen community.

The Chairman expressed his deep gratitude for those who made this notable achievement possible, and promised that him and his team will channel all their efforts to bring gamers the unique living persistent universe they are looking for. Roberts also explained that Star Citizen is still in need of further funding in order to continue with its ambitious development process, as this will not be an ordinary game that people will play for a short period of time. “I sometimes get asked why continue to raise money. Haven’t you already raised enough to make the game? The answer is that Star Citizen isn’t a normal game. It’s not being developed like a normal game and it’s not being funded like a normal game. I’ve had to toss aside a lot of my knowledge from the old way of developing and embrace a completely new world. There is no publisher. There is no venture capitalist wanting a massive return in three years. There is no need to cram the game onto a disc and hope we got it all right. Star Citizen is not the type of game that will be played for a few weeks, then put on a shelf to gather dust,” the “lead commander” said.

Largely viewed as an MMO, space trading simulator and combat simulator, Star Citizen is also different, unlike anything we have ever seen before in the gaming world. The Persistent Universe description will be a defining trait of its unique nature. Unarguably this is one of the hugest game projects to date, and it’s shaping out to be a major success. On an ending note, Chris Roberts promised to deliver the “Best Damn Space Sim Ever.” We can hardly wait.