EA Is Charging Players For Gas In Need For Speed: No Limits

EA plans to charge players for gas in the upcoming mobile phone street racer Need For Speed: No Limits. Coming in Spring of 2015 to Android and iOS, the game that promotes “Your Car, Your Streets, Your Rules” is taking micro transactions to a whole new level.

Need For Speed: No Limits is a free to download and play game developed by Firemonkeys that essentially offers players the option to make in-game purchases for play time. It’s a pay-to-play or wait mechanic that forces players to purchase additional time if they want to immediately continue their game after a race since completing races depletes fuel. Purchasing fuel is similar to purchasing time or stamina that depletes after playing. After you deplete all of your fuel you must then buy more to continue racing or wait until your tank fills. It’s uncertain if the tank completely refills after a few hours or if it just gives you a few minutes after waiting. Each race uses up a certain amount of your tank, so how much money you put into your tank determines how long you are able to play.

With the widespread interest in mobile gaming that allows for quick and far less intimate experiences than a console or PC, players are able to get a few rounds in as their time permits and it’s easier to play on a phone for several minutes rather than having to buy a console/PC and games. Players can set their own purchasing patterns rather than having to pay for a whole game which is becoming the norm in many free to play titles recently because they are growing in popularity.

Other micro transactions are also planned to be available at a later date offering various amounts of in-game currency tiers, as well as other transactions that are considered “premium purchases” which will allow players to upgrade their vehicles and add new additions to their custom cars.

For more information on Need For Speed: No Limits you can check out the game’s Facebook page.