Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 support MirrorLink

Those of you who have MirrorLink enabled cars will be happy to hear that Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Note 4 will have full support for MirrorLink enabled vehicles. That means that your Galaxy Note Edge, if you get one, or your Note 4 will be able to communicate with the infotainment system on your car.

Android Auto is Google’s first attempt at a smart car interface, whilst the Apple CarPlay has been using Siri as its main intermediary. These systems like MirroLink allow you to pair your smartphone to your car’s dashboard and use the phone’s main features without having to worry about being pulled over. While the Galaxy Note Edge will be a limited edition device, shipping in only 1 million units worldwide, the MirrorLink compatibility will surely be appreciated by many.

MirrorLink is one of the most popular platforms for cars, and it was developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium. There are a whole bunch of cars out there with MirrorLink already, including Honda models, Toyota and Volkswagen. Most cars are built to support only one or two platforms, but there instances out there where you can use the dashboard with MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well.

By enabling MirrorLink support on the Galaxy Note Edge and Note 4, the Car Connectivity Consortium hopes to bring a bit more popularity to the platform and infiltrate more markets than it has before. The Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most innovative smartphones of the past year and even though it’s limited edition, we’re sure it will find its place with MirrorLink users as well as others. Although we don’t know how the Galaxy Note Edge will be sold, there have rumors saying that it will be retailed on a “first come, first served” basis.

The Galaxy Note Edge is mostly the same as the Galaxy Note 4, except for the extra screen you can find on its edge. This edge-screen is open to developers, so you will probably find tons of dedicated apps for it soon. The Galaxy Note Edge showed up on the Clove UK e-commerce site, for a hefty $1050 price.