Guild Wars 2 might get raid content soon

Developer ArenaNet looks to be gearing towards releasing raid content for Guild Wars 2 as suggested by a recently spotted job listing. The developer seems ready to implement more than just your any old raids as the job description has some pretty high requirements and asks for deep knowledge of Guild Wars 2 and its game mechanics. The “Game Designer: Raid Content” job listing also requires that applicants have previous experience with developing content such as “large scale bosses and encounters, repeatable group content for a live game, large scale rewards systems, combat systems for multiple players.” More desirable experience includes:

  • Balance and iteration of end game systems and features for a live game.
  • Passionate player of co-operative end game group content.
  • Passion for Guild Wars 2 and a deep understanding its game mechanics.
  • Creative writing ability.
  • Experience with scripting languages.
  • Hard-core gamer with extensive experience playing games.
  • Experience of working within scrum teams.

Guild Wars 2 features numerous boss battles that are part of world events and anyone can participate in them. However, the game doesn’t currently have any raid content in the traditional sense. The community has been very vocal lately about their desire to see content of this type in the game and their wishes might finally be fulfilled soon. ArenaNet mentions that this is a full-time on-site position at their studio in Bellevue, Washington. The also say that the lucky developer who gets the job will have a “competitive” salary as well as various benefits.

Guild Wars 2 is currently on a 50% off sale and can be purchased for only $20 for the Digital Heroic Edition or $30 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. As opposed to many other MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have a subscription system so you’ll only have to buy it once and you can play for an unlimited time. The mentioned sale only lasts until this Sunday, October 5th so you better hurry if you plan on buying the game at a cheaper than usual price.

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