Microsoft portable charger packs a punch

Microsoft is mostly known for the Windows operating system, especially for the new Windows 10 OS which had a technical preview released just yesterday and for its recent Nokia acquisition. Microsoft is planning big things for the future, and besides announcing that it would drop the Nokia and Windows names from its phones, announcing a new Microsoft Surface Mini tablet, the recent Xbox One release, Microsoft adapter and more, the company is launching a new portable charger that sets out to impress.

The portable Microsoft charger will be officially launched sometime this month and the device is dubbed DC-21 or the Microsoft Portable Power. I honestly like the name and it suits the new charger because it will be packing a 6000 mAH battery. Microsoft says that the Microsoft Portable Power will charge your phone as fast as the speediest wall-charger, taking 4 hours to fully charge your it.

According to the company, the Microsoft Portable Power will still have 80 percent of its juice left after being forgotten at the bottom of your suitcase for – wait for it – six months. Yes, that’s what Microsoft is saying. The standby time on this charger is going to be one of its best features. The Microsoft Portable Power connects your phone via a standard USB, which means that you can use the charger for Android, Windows Phones and any other USB charging enabled device you can think of. We call that the Microsoft Portable Power almost universal charger. You can call it whatever you like, though, I’m sure the company won’t mind as long as you will be buying it.

The charger will set you back $49 and you can get it in white, orange and green and it will be available by Halloween, the latest. Even though there are a lot of portable and universal chargers out there, few of them can manage a 6 month stand-by time, so this would be a great deal for those of you who might not use it as often but will always find themselves in unexpected situations when it will come in handy. Like me. I could use the Microsoft Portable Power right now, as a matter of fact, because out of the two chargers that I owned for my phone, I just noticed both of them were chewed up by cats.