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Windows 10

Windows 10 is between Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft has decided to drop the rumored Windows 9 and Windows Threshold name for the new operating system the company will be rolling out soon. Windows 10 is the new name for Microsoft’s latest OS and it seems that the platform will be a balancing act between the well-received Windows 7 and the pretty criticized Windows 8, with its Metro-style tiles.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt at creating a better, comprehensive and fresh OS that will bring out the best in Windows and the company has released a technical preview available for download. There are already many hands-on reviews of Windows 10 and it seems like the OS tries to integrate everything that users loved about the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems into a new OS filled with features and benefits.

Microsoft has declared that it was getting a good response from phone and tablet manufacturers after releasing the Windows 8.1 mobile OS for free. Microsoft said that more than 50 new OEMs will be aboard Windows 8.1 so we should see more and more devices with the new Windows 8.1 update rolling out, integrating full desktop usage into the mobile OS. Free Windows has helped the company attract more and more OEMs who are developing compact devices with screens under 9 inches. The free Windows program was announced earlier this year and it seems that 50 companies have already started manufacturing new compact devices that will run on Microsoft’s pretty acclaimed mobile OS.

The free Windows program, according to Windows chief Terry Myerson will continue with future Windows releases, saying that manufacturers won’t be charged for using the updated Windows platforms on their upcoming devices. That means that a free Windows 10 program will also be rolling out as soon as Windows 10 launches, allowing device makers to use the new Windows for free on their compact gadgets.

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 to customers yesterday, offering up a pretty comprehensive preview about what the new OS will be able to do. Microsoft has emphasized that Windows 10 will bring the best of the last two operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows 8 under one roof, and make it appealing to both the general public and corporate and business conglomerates as well. The Windows 8 positive features like clean apps, battery efficiency and automatic encryption are brought to Windows 10, along with a containerisation system similar to BlackBerry Balance, separating your work and home lives.

The Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts will be replacing the complicated interface of Windows 8 and will bring back the old Windows 7 Start menu setup, as well. The Windows 10 Technical Preview also brings the Insider program along, which lets users to give instant feedback on the new Windows 10 features they’ve tried out so that Microsoft can keep improving and working on the platform so that it may become the most user-friendly OS you can find out there.

Microsoft reiterated the fact that support for Windows 10 will be much improved than that of previous Windows versions, promising monthly updates and constant support for customers. Windows 10 will also be a unified platform that will support different devices ranging from sensors to consoles, data centers and smartphones. Windows 10 will also try to keep the recent hybrid-laptop and convertible tablet trend going and will offer great integration for Surface Pro devices and has hinted at a Surface Mini device which will come with an optimized Windows 10 OS.

Ultimately, Windows 10 tries to balance out the needs of touch users with those of desktop users and create a unified operating system that would please both camps with touch features and desktop features that can be perfectly synchronized. From the Windows 10 technical preview we only get a hint at what Windows 10 will end up being, Microsoft reiterating that it’s just an early preview which doesn’t have all the new features included yet.

You can actually watch the whole Windows 10 presentation below:

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